What Is A Vpn And How Does It Work

What Is A Vpn And How Does It Work

What Is A Vpn:

Virtual private networks or VPNs for short are now quite popular. However, not everyone has a clear idea about how it works, what it was made for, or whether the use of VPN is legal in Bangladesh. The legitimacy of its use, almost all the time Internet users encounter the term VPN. According to most users, VPN is a service that allows them to browse the Internet through servers in different countries.

It allows you to enjoy, the internal sites and content of those countries. In many cases, technical errors of some websites can be solved through VPN. Network Internet, A network is created by connecting multiple PCs and servers. All the PCs and servers connected in the network can exchange information with each other, use mutual hardware and software. Such networks, Where devices can communicate with each other not outside, it is called a private network, By creating connections between private networks that started the Internet, which has gradually become the world wide web of today.

 The advent of  :

Let’s assume, an office has a very large private network, An official wants to be connected to a PC or server within this network, but he is out of the office, having to communicate via the Internet, In this case, the settings of the office PC or server can be changed, so that they can be used by logging in via the Internet. But this method is very insecure, hackers often break into these login methods and steal data.

A virtual private network or VPN has been created to avoid this problem. VPN service will be running on the office server, With which the officials will be connected through the internet. Communication with the server and user’s PC or phone will be via the Internet, But all types of data will be encrypted so that no one can read it. Once connected, the user’s PC or phone will be considered part of the private network. As a result, he can use all the services of his internal network even if he is not in the office. Since the data will be encrypted and only the server will run communication services through the Internet, this will reduce the risk of data loss to hackers.

 Advantages of  :

Since the user’s PC or phone is covered by the internal network of the office through VPN, the servers of the websites will communicate with the user through the office server while using the Internet. If the office server is in another country, Then the user will be able to see the content for that country even if he is not in that country. If a website does not work in the user’s own country, it can also be seen, because the user’s virtual location is in the VPN server’s country. Data security can also be ensured through the use of a VPN.

When using the Internet, the user logs every document of exactly what the user is doing, visiting a website, or viewing the content, which they can sell to someone else if they want. In most cases, they sell this information to advertising agencies, although many times the user information is more than other companies. When using the Internet via VPN, the ISP will see that the user has contacted only one server, all other information is encrypted so they will not be able to log them.

 Service Rise :

Data security and freedom to view foreign content were not the main goals of this technology. But due to the growing popularity of VPN among the users for these two tasks, several VPN service providers have emerged in the last few years. These services are often available free of charge, But you have to buy a subscription for quality and fast service. In the interest of data security as well as internet usage through servers in different countries, many users are buying subscriptions, phones, and PCs, as well as many, are running VPN directly on home and office internet routers so that all devices in the network are covered by VPN.

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The legitimacy of using  :

According to the law of Bangladesh, the use of VPN is valid only in special cases. Government and non-government organizations will be able to launch VPN services for the needs of their officers and employees. Internet service provider license is required to provide VPN service. VPN service can only be used for data exchange, VPN cannot be used for any type of voice call or VoIP service. Internet service providers will keep a log of whether users are using VPN and submit it to the government.

The user will keep a log of which IP address the VPN is connecting to,  the government can close the VPN tunnel at any time and if it is illegal, both the user and the service provider will be brought to justice by law. VPNs cannot be used to view or use any type of content, that is blocked under government law. VPN may only be used for the exchange of official information, not for any tripartite information or content. The ISP has been given the responsibility and power to check whether the user needs a VPN tunnel and to shut down the VPN service if necessary.

 service usage caution :

The key to VPN service is security, And at its core is the server providing the service. It is almost impossible to decipher what information is being exchanged between the user and the server, But if the service provider server is insecure or if the service provider wants to use users’ information dishonestly, then the user has nothing to do. This is exactly what some free VPN companies do. It sells users’ information to advertising agencies, leaves their login IDs and passwords in the logs, and if the credit card or bank information is somehow passed through their servers, it doesn’t matter. Interestingly,

many times hackers launch various types of free VPN services just to steal information, anonymous VPN should not be used. First of all, let’s talk about Cloudflare VPN, which is known as It can be used for free, In that case, the ISP cannot see what website the user is visiting or what information they are giving. However, for all other services, you have to buy the service through the in-app purchase inside it. Hotspot shield has been providing users with free VPN services for many years.

In contrast, users have to see some ads. The speed of their servers is also quite slow, but there is no record of data logging and sales. Nord, once the most popular, is still one of the best premium services. There is also private internet access, Express, Surfshark, and others, Although these services can be used reliably; Before using any VPN service, you must check whether the user is valid for you.


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