Definition of METAVERSE - A Dream World for everyone

Definition of METAVERSE – A Dream World for everyone-smart trendse

METAVERSE – A Dream World –

Mark Zuckerberg caused an explosion in the world,

A remarkable event of the 21st century.

Especially a milestone on the Internet. In Zuckerberg’s words,

“Metaverse is the Successor of the Internet”.

Many have just given up knowing that

Facebook is just a new company called ‘Meta’.

Facebook used to be the father company,

And now Meta will be the father company,

Which will have apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is not a special event,

Definition of METAVERSE – A Dream World for everyone

Main Feature of Metaverse:


The fact is that this Meta Company is going to create a new virtual world called Metaverse.

Metaverse will be a parallel copy of our universe.

All the big tech companies in the world are collaborating in creating this metaverse.

Everyone is going to build a virtual world together.

Which is led by Meta. At Metaverse, you can create your own 3D world.

There you will have a ‘virtual copy’ or ‘animated copy’ (Avatar).

You can invite your friends or relatives there if you want.

Your ‘3D Avatar’ will represent you there just like your profile picture.

The funny thing is there you can create multiple ‘virtual copies’ of yourself.

one for playing games, One for traveling in the virtual world,

one for chatting with friends.

Not only that, in that world you can wear any clothes you like,

Buy clothes and furniture, decorate your virtual house as you wish.

Many will create and sell various 3D objects there,

And you will buy. Of course, you can be a seller in that world

If you can create 3D objects.


METAVERSE – A Dream World for everyone:


When you are attending a class in Germany from Bangladesh in Metaverse,

And then the teacher comes and rubs your ear,

You will feel that pain too! You will be able to communicate with someone far away, chat with them, look at pictures, listen to them,

Grab them (virtual copy) and get the feeling of sitting next to them and talking.

Your eye contact, facial expressions, body movements will all be like the real world, exactly.

For this, you have to wear AR Glass, which looks like our ordinary glasses.

Where a camera is mounted and will work by following the movements of your eyes and hands.

If you do not like the environment around you,

You can go for a walk or sit at home on Metaverse.

Sitting at home in Metaverse, you can tour America,

Climb the top of the Eiffel Tower, or grab a thousand-year-old Egyptian pyramid.

If you want, you can sit there and see the history of the construction of that pyramid, with your own eyes.

You will see an Egyptian slave dressed in ancient clothes pulling a huge stone,

The sound of this drag on the sand of the desert,

The sign and the sigh of that Egyptian slave you can hear,

You can see that stone too! If you want to know about space,

You can also take a trip in space. If you want you can create a Bangladesh

In Metaverse where there will be rivers, canals, hills, sprints, everything.

You may invite others to that country. Visas, passports, and fees can be arranged there.

Definition of METAVERSE - A Dream World for everyone


More Interesting feature of Metaverse:


Again without giving anyone access, He can live alone in that country.

All in all, you can create your own dream world.

If you want to sit down and talk with a friend,

just knock him and say, ‘Come to my house,

There is an urgent talk’. If you want,

You can sit in your virtual room,

Play chess or table tennis on the virtual board, watch virtual TV,

Listen to music. Meetings, chats, classes, meals will all be in Metaverse.

You can also see a doctor in Metaverse.

All in all, what is going to happen on the internet?

Without counting how long you have been online,

Will count how long you have not been.

What has been said above is not going to happen next year,

So Meta has a decade-long plan.

Together they are building a world step by step.

He is building the history of the world.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

2022 is not far off,


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