New rules are coming to Netflix

New rules are coming to Netflix, the days of password sharing are over

New rules are coming to Netflix, the days of password sharing are over

Netflix’s popularity is now at its peak when it comes to watching web series ranging from movies. And one of the reasons for this increase in popularity is the convenience of sharing passwords on this OTT platform. Many people are using Netflix from one account. But that advantage is no longer there. Netflix is ​​going to bring new features with password sharing. Netflix has already sent notices to many users asking if they are using the OTT platform with a password from someone else. Those who are using it have been warned. According to Netflix,

New rules are coming to Netflix

just don’t let anyone know your account password unless you are very familiar. If you want to use the password of a friend’s account, you have to send a message to that user first. He will be able to use Netflix only if the user gives permission. Again a pop-up is floating on the screen of many users. It says, ‘ If you do not live with the owner of this account, create your own account. In this context, Netflix said, ‘This technology has been brought, so that only real users can take full advantage of this OTT platform. However, Netflix has not yet said when this new feature will be available.

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