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Biden next to immigrants

Biden next to immigrants
Now it is his turn to keep his promise before he was elected. So this time President Joe Biden is on the side of US immigrants. He called for a new one in keeping with the previous policy. He allowed 11 million immigrants living in the United States to stay for another six years. The immigrants thanked Biden for this. The Biden government is said to be on the side of those living illegally on the US border. According to Reuters, the proposal has been made in the US Congress. Everyone thinks that it will not take much time to pass the proposal unless there are too many problems.
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The immigration problem in the US has not been resolved for the past two decades. he thinks immigrants have suffered more under Trump. Speaking at a news conference at the White House, Biden said the US government was “soft enough” towards immigrants. So he insisted on feeding them for the next 8 years. The Biden administration has also allocated 1.9 trillion dollars for this work.

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Criticizing Trump, he said his policy gave immigrants enough momentum. But the new government will not go that route. Biden hopes the US Senate will pass the resolution easily. As a result, immigrants will be able to make a living, according to a US administration official. U.S. politicians see the Biden move as a sign that immigrants are part of U.S. policy.
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