“how to rank Fiverr gig on first page 2021”

1. Open only one account open on one device,

2. After opening the account, you must add your profile picture in a professional way.

3. Write a nice profile description. In the description, write about who and what services you will provide. And of course, add “3/5 years working experience”. Because many years the buyer does not want to work if you do not have written many years of experience.

4. Get some portfolio ready for your work and upload to Behance & Flickr. Prepare a minimum of 100+ portfolios. Even if you upload at 5 o’clock every day, uploading 100 hours in 20 days is not difficult.

5. Create a beautiful website for yourself where you can organize your service and portfolio, it will be very useful for you to get the job. . 4 gigs can be created in the new account. You can level up these

6. gigs and not do it all in one day. . 3 images when creating a gig, Add 2 PDFs and videos. . Gig images will be SEO.

“Fiverr gig ranking formula”

7. Make gigs with ideas from 4/5 related gigs that you will make related gigs.

8. Never copy someone else’s gig. Just take ideas.

9. Add numbering, highlighted, bold in gig description.

10. You have to create 3 packages in each gig.

11. Install the Fiber app on your mobile so that the buyer can reply quickly when you send a message.

12. Stay active in the Fiber Forum every day. Ask 2 questions weekly in the forum and try to answer someone else’s question if you know the answer.

13. There are various fiber gig promotion groups on Facebook, join them and share your gig link. Bit without directly sharing the gig link. Shorten the link from ly then shares.

14. Share your service-related tips on various blogging sites and add a short link to your gig at the bottom of the post.

15. Send 10 buyer requests every day. Make some quick qsn & ans related to your service.

16. Open an account on Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Reedit, slide share, medium and post your service-related and add a short link of your gig below the post. With all the gigs it becomes difficult for us to do marketing every day. So select 3 gigs and follow the Daily Activities.

Daily Activities For Fiverr GIG Marketing


Marketing your selected 3 gigs 3 times a day on TWITTER, LINKEDIN & BLOG. 1 Gig = 3 Times Each Day. Total 9 Times / Day: Marketing like this until you have a Gig best seller. When you have a gig best seller then market that gig on TWITTER, LINKEDIN & BLOG. 1 Gig = 6 Times Each Day. Send buyer requests every day. And even if Gig ranks, he will continue marketing in the same way. Otherwise, the gig will lose rank and your order will continue to decrease. If you follow these rules, you will definitely get a job.

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