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how to use Fiverr to make money

Hey, guys today I share with you my personal experience I Fiverr. I suggest you only one month you can try this formula and see what results show you on Fiverr. I am here for a long time but I don’t gate any order. And my gig doesn’t any impression. But when I am using this formula I gated very good results from my gig. That’s reasoned I think I how can I help another one for use this strategy.

If you want to make money by freelancing, if your answer is yes, today we will discuss how you can make a fairly good monthly income according to your skill by working very easily. First, you have to learn how to work on a subject then you have to start working here,

Today we will teach you how you can use your skills to earn money. So let’s start today’s episode. We will reach our target within 30 days.

Divide these 30 days into 5 parts:


first 6 days: first 6 days, do nothing, just visit the seam top rated seller of your services (best review gigs, see how they are providing service, how to arrange gigs, what to deliver (gigs) Attach to the image), what kind of reviews the buyers are giving him. Visit the top gigs like insects. Be careful never to text them, or don’t try to text.

Suppose you have great expertise in logo design. You put the link of 10 gigs on the logo design in the excel sheet and write their title and price next to it.

After writing, I said 4 services, now take 4 days for these 4 services, to do the above work and in the remaining 2 days,

Easy ways to make money on Fiverr:

4 service-related 6 (minimum) gig image ready, brother believes that in those 4 days you will not be able to learn what you are learning from the top gig in these 5/6 months, and only this brother will hear the story of that brother’s order.

Second 6 days:  After taking the idea, let’s start now, to give your first perfect gig. Talking about 3 keyword research, the difficulty of long-tail keywords, with attractive words keywords (meaning less than the available service 2500) is not more than 60 words. (Give it 1 day, you will see many good keywords)

Tips Category: Relevant Category, Select the category and sub-category that goes with your service, and yes, make sure that the skill test can actually give it. Description: Put the same title for the above service as the title you are giving, then start writing, 10 gigs that you took while researching, get in trouble again, make a draft yourself, then write down how you will give, minimum of 1000 words.

How to make money on Fiverr without skills:

Try writing. Tips: Try to keep the keyword with the title 3-4 times. The title, at the beginning of the content, in the middle of the content and towards the end of the content (Content is your description. Write what you can give, don’t just write what you can’t do, bad reviews will come later,

If the client cannot provide the service as per the gig description after ordering directly.

Tags: I was told to copy 10 gigs and put them in an excel sheet and you will get 50 tags of 10 gigs, find out the common 5 tags that everyone has used (mostly) diameter you use those, inshallah good impression will come. Prize: You can keep the basic price as low as $ 5,


but please don’t make a fish market with fiber, you can keep the quality of your work and give regular prize a little less than everyone else, you never say that to anyone else. John of your Same Service is charging-50-90 and you 5. You can copy the FAQ, but you must. The biggest fiber lesson of life will be flame in these 12 days, gig research in 7 days, first 1 gig in 7 days.

“How to make money on Fiverr as a freelancer:

3rd and 4th 6 days: You know how to create a gig, gig now publish one in 2 days, In these 12 days, make sure that you have created 4 gigs. Open the side buyer request option in a new tab. Bid your work-related buyer request. Send 10 buyer requests every day. Don’t go to sleep without finishing it.

5th 6 Day: You can understand the improvement by yourself, this time come out, go to social media with gig links of 4 services from Fiber, search on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, write your service, there are many relevant groups, try to find buyers there, and also you can create backlink for your gigs. I hope you can try this and you will absolutely success

also you can see how to earn money by affiliate

Buyers How to get? Look at the performance of the gigs, and if you see impressions like 230-500 in 1 month, it means you are ticking everything.

If it comes less than that, you re-research the gigs that are coming in less, look at the wrong place, inshallah find the mistake. Will get. I will write again today if I have time. .

5 sort tips: 1. put your trust in Allah, Suffering does not fail, and if you do not suffer again, you will not get the fruit. Your trouble is your capital here.

2. Stay active, as much as you can on PC and if not on mobile apps.

3. Send buyer request, can be sent with mobile.

4. Don’t just dream, get up and fall for success.

5. Keep yourself healthy.

If you have any confusion please see the details here

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