How to Get Free Unlimited Traffic From  Google- On-Page SEO full Guide

How to Get Free Unlimited Traffic From  Google. When I started my online business like three, four years ago, published my websites the main struggle the main problem was it was all my friends who knew about my website so it was getting to 20 views per day 50% from me useful my friends, so it was really the main problem

many things today, my main website gets around 600,000 views per month. If you watch my video in December 2020 My plan for 2022 I was planning for 30 visits per month. Look at this today this smart trendse. I’m getting around 250,00 views you can see the chart on eight so because I’m getting around 350,00 views so I achieved my plan this year for 2022 as they will see my plan next week.

I am planning 1 million views per month how I am doing this, how do I get traffic one of the best source of traffic is simply traffic from Google free organic traffic from Google. And here it comes as C or searches engine optimization. If you go into Google Search Console, you can see my website I’m getting around 61,00 Search clicks these are free traffic from Google my main looks like each indicate the strategy I’m getting around 144,00 web search clicks at least I achieved my goals. Anyway.

So what is SEO in 10 seconds? SEO is simply some techniques, some things that you apply on your website so you can tell Google hey google this my website rank and put it on top of your search results I can get traffic for free from your organic search results.

That’s simply SEO and when it comes to SEO or Search and optimization we have mainly have on-page SEO and off-page SEO to make things simple. on-page SEO is everything you can do on your website, optimizing articles, images, and so on off-page SEO which will be covered later in detail is everything you do outside your website,

how to get unlimited website traffic through google



social signals,

posts, and so on.

Today, we’re going to cover SEO and see how this helps in getting traffic for free from Google. Think about that as the ultimate guide to unpaid as oh and what’s nice.

We have a lot of free resources checklists in this article. Stay tuned and follow. Welcome everyone to our six.

Awesome You’re serious with an online business with me from scratch and reaching out. And part-time we learn how to write an article from scratch and together we wrote this article there’s my website. Let’s go to all posts. If you remember we wrote this article What is email validation? Click on and now let’s go and optimize it for SEO. As we mentioned on-page SEO is everything we can do now on this post to help rank it on Google. And we will every one do this together right now live in the US again learn exactly what to do. And you will do this step by step to make things simple or small.

Number one,


and this on-page SEO checklist simply you have to set the focus. What do I mean? Let’s go into Google on Google. Usually, we search for something, this something or this search term, or searching for a keyword. For example, in my case, it’s an email validation so someone who wants to know about email validation, email validation and you will get some results. You will click this traffic and so on. So your job is to run your website for your own keywords on the first 10 results, broken on top of the search results. In my case,

I had to pick a keyword a focus keyword target for this topic and how to do this research. I will make things simple for you. What you have to do is to go to my free marketing and SEO tools here simply go to SEO keyword research. Now in my case, this word validation global because the global audience worldwide clicks on English that you will see now this keyword gets around 110 searches per month. Not that much. It’s good for now we are still

on these keywords to get some traffic. You can see here there’s a difficulty it shows nothing more available. This means in most cases that we don’t have that difficulty with this keyword. So I will go with this keyword. This is my focus keyword.

That’s the keyword I’m going to target in this article. And if someone doesn’t trust these results from reading data from APIs, I am paying for this data. I’m showing it to you for free. But this data is from an API. Let me show you this. I will get this key with the same keyword go here.

maybe the number one SEO tool worldwide. I will face this keyword I will say Steve and see search now you will see the volume as I will do the same on. I will go and search and you will see now that the search volume is the same result. So there’s only to be comfortable using real premium data anyway. So I will take this keyword This is my focus keyword.

now what you have to do is to mention this focus keyword in the first paragraph of your article. The first paragraph is my first paragraph you can see I mentioned what is email validation. I wrote the article based on the rules, or five. I mentioned this keyword.


number one

make sure to mention the target keyword in the first paragraph.

how to get website traffic organically


The second thing to know is you have to

make your title the title of the article h1 tag, although this means let’s go to my main website to smart trendse them to open any article like this one. And if you go to this file, right-click and click on Inspect. We will see the HTML code the code behind so you will see this and find a header Tag h1 Tag make sure to do this.

If you’re in the moment you all automatically but I mentioned this just in case you’re doing your own customized website. I think also important and all these last forms, this will be done automatically for you.

So make sure to use h1 tags for your title. Make sure to use h2 tags for your subheadings. You can see this it’s an h2 to tag because it actually

steps four

so a subheading always had a make sure to mention the focus keyword in one of these subs adding an example. This subheading.

I mentioned the keyword in the subheading, so these two tags and mentioned at least one keyword in the h2 subheading mentioning your focus keyword multiple times in the article,

if you go in and search for keywords, you will see I mentioned it four times when the subheadings in my article, I think it’s not that you have to do something very important. We are talking about mentioning like five-six times on every word to use this method just mentioned in your financial way.

Just think about an article that is about the top three. It’s obvious that the article must mention this keyword. So just keep things normal. Humans are not machines, right? humans and machines. So imagine your keyword multiple fires inside you

number five

is using external linking. What do I need to say go down?

So these are external links to how this helps. This helps Google understand what’s the topic or if you’re linking to other  So this all together is somehow related to your business to offer the websites in your niche tell Google that your website is a good piece of content, informative content thinking the websites also this will help you increase the length of your web page saw the websites article and also pages like this the first blog post on our website.

I don’t have other articles but later on as you will see. I was linking articles together. This will be called internal linking. This also helps Google crawl your website from page to page and helps in ranking web pages. So external linking authority sites

linking of course data on these links or some of these things to affiliate links automatically, as you will see in the marketing blog, Wi-Fi thing, or website and later on in this series.

So let’s now move to step number six,


optimizing our title. The title is super important, but before we start optimizing, I will go back to my WordPress dashboard install plugins, and install a plugin called Monster insights.

This plugin is mainly for dragging unit visitors and the person writing the pipe most of us have played with what for now was activated as I will go back into my polls and refresh.

You’ll see how we will have this metric. The headline analyzer will give you a score for your time. So I can improve and also show you some tips to improve your title, including emotional words or words on common words, and so on. So now let’s optimize our title to a score of 70. As this suggests, strive for 70,

And what’s nice is you can go try a new headline, my headline analyzer and see how things will be different than say validation the law is these two letters say like this 48 Wow, we have six new points. So improving.

Now I want to give you a small tip in copywriting in general, especially for titles copywriters always say that wherever you want to write have versions of like 10 to 20 versions, then big one and optimize. You have to take yourself right.

important for simply two reasons.

If you go to my website while you’re scrolling between my articles, mainly we’ll look at the featured image. The title of this attractive view you will collect. So this will help us, users, through your website,

the second main reason

which is more important when you search for something on Google, how you will have images you will attract and find to increase what we call the Psy D of a click-through rate. Click through rate the percentage on how many clicks you got for the total impressions you got on Google search results.

Now, hold your mouse go now and click to optimize your article. And don’t forget to get everything you have. Anyway,

How to Get Free Traffic From  Google- On-Page SEO full Guide 2022


step number seven

is to go back to your dashboard. WordPress plugins go down to the store and you want an SEO. We have several plugins. In my case, I work with Yoast SEO,

you can use rank math If you want like this 111 SEO we have different plugins I’m familiar with Yoast SEO, and this offer going to share with you in this article. We have fire magazine installations with 27,005-star reviews.

It’s a perfect plugin. I use all my WordPress websites to activate. And now let’s see what will happen. Go back to your website. refresh and now we will have used we will have this section here the new section and we can set the focus the phrase is our focus keyword.

You remember in step number one is my focus keywords. What is the main variation I copied and pasted that simply Now automatically this plugin will align debility of your posts and SEO the polls tell you what to do? Like go and add images good add the links, increase the key phrase density,

and so on will show you what you did correctly and so on. It’s an awesome point and tells you what to do. So everything we explained before the plugin will do this article which is perfect.

To install Yoast and go down below the article we will have this section also it will show you how Google will review all the search results or you post this the mobile result and see a menu if you go down here we have something called the mental description.

What is the middle description? If we go back to Google, you will see we have the title and this is the meta description. Also to optimize this meta description how to optimize it simply go again and you will see the description box in the Yoast review.

What you have to do simply is to mention the focus keyword in the meta description. I will do now I would face my meta and you can see I mentioned email validation.

As you can see the green line shows everything is perfect. So there’s my meta description. Just make sure to mention the keyword inside and what’s nice is that prior to Backlinko grading this meta description formula you can use it if you want to create your own descriptions and make things easy for you.

That’s how he uses it for his own articles and you can do it if you want so we optimize the description. Next is optimizing the URL. What’s the URL go back to my main looks like you can see this is the domain name and this is called the slug.

The title of the article is in the URL. Let’s go back to this post you will see the slug is what to do two things making sure that mentioned the target. So simply I will remove this I will make sure what is the main validation and this is the target keyword perfect.

So step number eight

optimizing the URL, making it short, and measuring the target keywords are repeating just for beginners to realize these rules so you can do it in every blog post you create on your website is super important. You have to do this if you want to be successful and get organic traffic from Google. What do we have next?

Step number nine,

image images, graphics statistics, and optimization inside you or wherever you are. Let’s say again my website you will see we have images, we have graphics we have some colors and so on this will improve user experience and will improve your experience people will love your content.

And this will obviously make them maybe Shuren. This will give a positive signal to Google that people are loving this content so as to rank higher and so on.

So always try to add some images and graphics to you usually I use Canva is one of the best websites to create anything infographics, small videos, stories, social media posts, feature images, thumbnails, anything so I click on create a design I go and search for it will open this template is an empty template.

I go select the background color. Nevertheless, you always want to use the same styling on your website. If you go to my main website. You can see the thumbnails of the featured images or somehow use the same for things filing. So there are really two brandings.

We’ll talk about branding later on in the day. But for now, just make sure to do the same styling and your graphics and images so are going to elements. Let’s create something email I will say email or

this is just an example. So I want to focus on is how to optimize these images. So let’s go here download I will select jpg or JPG. I will go here and download this image what you want to do before you publish it on your website is to change the format of the image converted so go ahead and search for jpeg to convert you will have online converters I will pick the first one convert to you.

I will select the file downloads. Open this image look at the 567 kilobytes I would convert now another five degrees that C perfect 19 kilobytes downloaded and now we can upload again or website I will go back to my article and say I want to add I will click on this plus icon and then upload I will select this option and now they will be uploaded to my website.

You can resize it if you want you can center or whatever. This is how you add images and graphics to your website. Later on. I will cover how we create infographics also using Canva Canva is an infographic that is a perfect way to attract people to your website get backlinks as we’ll see later on. We can pick a template and create an infographic in minutes using Canva as a resource anyway,

so the images and optimize it and present before publishing it only works like so make sure to add some images. And what’s more important than that is to optimize the image for SEO. Our topic is about SEO how to do this just click on the image and go to settings you will see we have the tax alternative.

I will say what is email validation so I am mentioning my inside this image all tasks make will do this always all your images do not always have the same focus keywords but just make sure to add an alternative text view image. This will make sure you measure the optimized for

step number 10

is the final optimization and publishing of the article. If you go back to the Yoast SEO us it shows that we have something wrong. Let’s see what’s wrong.

The first thing is internal links as we mentioned, we must add some internal links. Now to fix this fast now I will simply go to my website and copy the main website link to you.

visit example based Open and Save. So now we fixed the internal link, of course, just for testing now to show you how to link data inside your article and the best way to link between all the computers in this space.

Anyway. So that’s the first problem. The second thing is the keyword phrase density. You see it says the focus keyphrase was found 31 times which is more than recommended maximum of 30 times what’s the key phrase density.

what this plugin does is it goes to this key phrase splits to email validation. When you go down, I will simply remove this statement and scroll down to be happy, I will say, and very nice. We optimize everything now according to yours.

Let’s close this we still have a readability analysis. Most readability is simply how much this all is readable.   For now. I think I will go and hit the publish. Publish publish.

Now it’s live I will open the balls because it is the URL simple to clean and show them the keywords in finance. And this is our view article published on our website. If you go back to our main page,

you can see we don’t have a featured image. If you go back to my website you can see every article has a featured image. So how we can add featured there is our posts which is very important to attract people to click on your articles.

I would go back to this post set the posts then go down we have something called featured image. So we have to create a featured image click on this you can upload whatever you want as a great one. JPG or PNG and convert it to a format precise.

Now I will select from the library the same image here just for the sake of time. And don’t forget to add the tax again I will say what is validation. We can also provide them again. Featured Image of The refresh. Awesome this hour. You are optimized and ready to rank on Google. I hope you enjoy this article. It’s somehow long but I try my best to cover almost all the core concepts of the agency to help you optimize and brand your business.



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