Content optimization guide for best SEO-smart trendse

Content optimization guide for best SEO guides-smart trendse

Best content optimization strategy. Every man wants to improve his life.

And many do a lot to improve this. Those who improve their skills and stand on their own two feet are successful. This article is for those who want to start an online business. If you want your business to be included in Google’s rankings, then you need to publish unique articles. Remember that your articles are rich in information. And if this article is not properly optimized, then your article will not be seen by too many people. If you do not know about your website, then your dream will be stuck here. So before you publish anything, you will optimize it. Let’s discuss, it will be very useful for you

Today we will also discuss content optimization. When you write your article, you will need to optimize this article. That’s why we will discuss how to post this article according to proper rules,

Today I will discuss what is content optimization and how to do it.

1 / Keyword research

2 / Meta description

3 / Keyword Density

4 / H1 tag in Crete

5 / Internal linking

6 / Anchor text

The Complete Guide to Content Optimization for SEO


1 / Keyword Research:

Many people think that keyword research is a part of on-page SEO but I think it is also part of content optimization. If you do the content optimization before you publish the post, then a lot of on-page SEO work will be done which will be very helpful for your later work. Then it is assumed that after doing keyword research you can move on to your next job.

Let’s find out how to do keyword research:

First, you take what is your main point. I think your main keyword is smart aches.

So when you do keyword research by typing smart aches, there will be a lot of search volume and there will be a lot of competition. Since you are new, what are some of the strategies you need to find?

You will try long-tail keywords, when you choose long-tail keywords keep in mind 2 things 1 search volume request of 1000 and low competition. The advantage of this is that people will easily get your article which you have published.

Wondering how to choose the right tail keyword for you? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how you can do this very easily. You first enter the name of the company, then write the model of it,

then search. For example, Fossil M31 smartwatches. If you do not find your target search volume and competition, then search this way. Fossil M31 Smartwatches Chip Price 2022.

See how it is now, I think it will be easier for you if you do keyword research like this

2 / Meta Description:

This is very important work. This cannot be omitted in any way. The meta description will give Google a complete idea of ​​what your article is about. So when you write it, you must write it neatly with your main keyword so that Google can easily understand your article, then you will not take much time in ranking this article.

There are many people who don’t care about meta description, they make a big mistake because meta description is the heart of the article or the heart of the post. This time you have to think about how to write your meta description. Remember to write the meta description in such a way that the reader will be interested in your post after reading this meta description that he will read the whole post.

Write the meta description in such a way that you have the main keyword and try to have some more relevant keywords. Remember that the meta description should not be more than 156 words.

3 / Keyword Density:

Keyword Density is another important function that will have a great effect on your article. Check the keyword density of your article. Make sure your keyword density is below 5. If the keyword density of your article is above 5, then remember that it will be an obstacle in the way of your article at any time Google may give you a penalty. So be sure to keep in mind.

here is the best keyword density checker

Best content optimization strategy


4 / H1 Tags:

Content Optimization One of the most important things to keep in mind is that H1 tags are SEO titles that will take your article a long way in ranking.

Remember that there are sub-heading h1 to h6 tags. You must enter the relevant keywords of your main keyword to do this, but don’t make a mistake.

Many of us don’t pay much attention to this H heading tag which is a mistake of many of us. Especially try to give H123 tags. Remember that if you can’t optimize the article properly, it will be too late for you to succeed. So optimize your article properly and then publish

5 / Internal linking:

This means that you have to link 5 more of your posts in the middle of your post. When doing this internal linking, keep in mind that the posting linking course will select the keyword of that post and then do it.

And this keyword is called anchor text

Here are some important things to keep in mind as 5 internal linking is the best SEO method. Anchor text to the main keyword.


6/ anchor text:

Anchor text is the word that you mark when you link to one of your posts internally.

It is mandatory to enter your main keyword in the first 100 words of the article.

Best content optimization strategy -smart trendse

So far today we will discuss how to do a post’s on-page SEO properly then come to post an article stay with us If you like my writing and it helps you in any way, then it is a success. Come and give your valuable feedback. Be careful in this epidemic and stay well with your family. Thanks for reading

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