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Get Good Lighting for Screen in 1 Second

Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (fighting) Pro

Asymmetric Light Source | Full Spectrum LED | Ra97 CRI | Fix in 1 Second | Fix in 1 Second | Fix in 1 Second | No Blue Light / No Stroboflash | Light color memory | USB Power Supply

Asymmetric Light Source | Focus on Lighting up the Desktop

45°asymmetric light source design is for lighting up the desktop rather than the screen, without reflection and glare. Light up the area as you wish.

Full-spectrum LED Light Source | Reproduce Natural Light

80 full-spectrum LED beads,simulates the spectrum of sunlight,making the light as comfortable as sunlight,give you a comfortable light experience and clearer illumination.

Ra97 CRI Showing True Colors

The measured over Ra97 color rendering index can emit “natural light” to truly display the original color of objects.

Color Temperature Stepless Adjustment Upgrade Setting Modes

Choose proper light with a color temperature of 3000K- 6500K in different scenarios.
Fixed color temperature: the color temperature cannot be adjusted at will in different scenarios.

Fix in 1 Second Save More Space Without Base

Featured with gravity rotating shaft fixing device, the gravity base is adjusted to a proper angle to be directly hung on the display by fitting with its thickness, thus realizing the fixing in 1 second, not take up space on the desktop.

* Suitable for display with the thickness of 5-40mm

Multiple Scenes, Free Switching

* Stay up late to work overtime, enjoy clear lighting and more efficient work.
* You haven’t done your homework when light out? Turn on your screen hanging light without affecting your roommates.
* Gaming with connected live chatting/play with mobile phones, just enjoy more without groping in darkness.

Stepless Dimming Apply the Brightness You Desired

Use the knob to adjust the brightness for different people’s demand

Light Color Memory

The brightness can be memorized after power off to avoid repeatedly adjustment so as to turn on the light with the previous brightness.

Even the Top Glasses Are No Better Than a Good Light

Enjoy a double comfortable and healthy experience by using this light without blue light hazards and stroboflash.

Authorized Certification Anti-blue Light, Free From Stroboflash

Passed international mainstream certification, protecting your eyes with healthy light source.

USB Power Supply, Light Up When Plugged In

The Type-C charging cable can be connected to the computer, charging head, and power bank to achieve power supply.

Craft A Perfect Light | Fine Workmanship, Visible Texture.

* Craft A Perfect Light
Firm and stable, matte texture without decoloration
* Double spindle design
Easy adjustment of your angle
* Gravity pivot clip
Easy and stable, avoid scratching the screen
* Enhanced stablity from soft silicone
Enhanced screen friction for more stablized experience

Product Parameters

Name: Baseus i-work Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hangging Light Pro
Material: Aluminum alloy+ABS+PC
Color: Black
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated Power: 5W(Max.)
Light Source: LED
Number of LED: 80
Color rendering index: >97
Color temperature: 3000K-6500K
Lumenvalue: 160LM
Operating temperature: -10℃~ + 40℃
Net weight: 480g

Classical USB Lamp

Features: No glare I Three-level color temperature I Stepless dimming I Occupying little space I USB power supply I Light memory function | Anti-blue light

Make a Good Lamp with All Our Heart

* Coil spring clip
Ease to fix on the edge of a screen
* Soft silicone
Avoid scratching the screen
* Aluminum alloy shell
Better metal texture
* Gravity weight
Stable without shaking
* Full touch button
Better interactive experience

Brand Name





USB Light



Model Number

USB Light




USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light Pro






Aluminum alloy+ABS+PC

Rated voltage


Rated power


Light Source


Numer of LED


Feature 1

USB Light; USB Eye Protection Desk Lamp, USB LED

Feature 2

LED Computer Light; Led Desk Lamp, Eye Lamp

Feature 3

Eye Protection Reading Lamp;Screenbar LED Desk Lamp

Color Redering index


Color temperature


Lumen Value


Operating temperature


Net weight



Suitable for display with the thickness of 5-40mm


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