Best Smart Watches

Best Smart Watches

Best Smart Watches

Aristotle and Plato may be having a collective meltdown, but this gadget simply blows their minds! Scroll down to enter the competition to win this fantastic watch. What are you waiting for?

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UPDATE: The prize has now expired. If you already won, enter here to win an iWatch worth $499.

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The iWatch Is Smart Watch’s Best-Selling Product. By David Pogue, $79.80

Best For: Watching movies, listening to music, doing calculations, mapping and other fun stuff. It also has GPS, voice control, Bluetooth, and NFC.

Not Smart For: Practicing maths and other time-consuming calculations, conducting business, and conducting other smart-ass tasks that need a computer. You’ll still need your computer to take notes and manage business.

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Best Smart Watch Reviews.

How To Wear A Smart Watch. By Ashley Renberg, $99.99

Best SmartWatch Apps

Wrap Up

This smartwatch is fun and super-easy to use. You can track your steps, calculate distances, and send texts. Perfect for exercising and training, as well as for sleeping. The watch also helps you understand your moods, and will even warn you if you become sad. It will also tell you how to respond to it, so you’ll never let it ruin your day!

Be smart about your smartwatch by downloading this app. Download the app from your smartphone and start being smarter! You’ll get an impressive workout for your phone’s battery, which means you’ll never have to buy another new battery, and you’ll be able to exercise while reading the news, chatting with friends, listening to music, and just reading a few books. All the cool people have smartwatches!

You have the choice between four styles and a variety of styles of bands:

With a voice-enabled digital assistant, this smartwatch is the closest thing you’ll ever have to the luxury watch of your dreams. Record music, view the world’s first high-resolution 3D mapping and manage your appointments right from your smartwatch. If you wear this watch around the clock, it will never stop reminding you of what you’ve planned, because it’ll provide you with notifications and reminders throughout the day.

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If you don’t like these apps, you may wish to check out these other great apps, too!

1. Based On Your Location And How Far You Walk. Smart.

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